Reg Hero Abide


Prayer and Meditation App



Photographer, Researcher, Art Director

Overview and Story

Carpenters Code is a fellowship of technologists from Silicon Valley seeking to bring people closer to God through digital media and applications. 

The flagship product is Abide, a leading Christian prayer and meditation platform used by over 1M people in 200 countries.   I collaborated with the design director to create original photography for home page heros, email marketing, app home screen, etc.


Average stock photography wasn’t cutting it.  We wanted to create original photography for the website and app.  

Most of the stock photography did not communicate their message or product.  With my help and the collaboration of the design director, we were determined to create beautiful imagery that spoke the brand.



We explored how to best communicate the product’s value and experience through imagery.

First we explored various prayerful and meditative postures for individual and group settings.  It was important to connect that with a mobile device and earbuds/headphones.  Abide is a mobile meditation app with an audio experience.  

We needed to capture market friendly images of a group of 25-35 year olds of various backgrounds using Android and iPhones in prayerful postures.  We made sure we had a good variety of male and female, ethnicity, iphone and android devices and earbuds/headphones.

Effective marketing is being able to communicate your product’s value and experience with little or no words.  We need to be able to illustrate that:

  • Abide is a mobile app
  • It has to do with prayer/meditation
  • It is an audio experience
  • It is easy to do
  • You can pray anytime, anywhere.

Research and Testing

We explored and tested poses that would portray the app experience.


Finals images selected for the app.

abide on iphone-07
abide on iphone-05
abide on iphone-04
abide on iphone-06

Lessons Learned

  • A well organized and detailed production sheet is a must when working with an internal team and multiple talents/models.
  • The day moves fast.  With multiple talents and locations, staying on track is important.  
  • Certain postures and poses were not familiar.  When working with both experienced and amatuer models, directing and coaching is key.  

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