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Within the Voice User Interface Design program at Career Foundry, I was tasked to design an Alexa skill prototype that serves as a voice assistant in the kitchen, that provides recipes and cooking assistance.

Since cooking may require the use of both hands, books and digital devices may not be as helpful as voice. The chef is not always able to turn the page, pause the directions, or scroll on a screen for further directions. Voice User Interfaces are a great solution for this problem as they can dictate out loud the recipe and directions while the chef can focus on cooking.



Build a voice skill that allows the user to select quick 5-minute recipes from several options and then provide step-by-step instructions.

User Persona

Reg Hero Chow Time User Persona

System Persona 

Reg Hero Chow Time System Persona


As a young professional, I want to cook healthy meals so I can have a better and healthier life.

As a parent, I want to prepare fast and easy snacks so that I can play with my kids more.

As a detailed cook, I’d like to have directions and ingredients laid out for me so I won’t forget any steps or ingredients.

As a skilled chef who preps with many tools including the hands, I want audio directions so I don’t need to touch any electronics.

As an inexperienced cook, I want step by step directions so that I won’t feel pressured and rushed.



Sample Dialogs

Reg Hero Chow Time Sample Dialog


Reg Hero Chow Time cook app flow
Reg Hero Chow Time Intents

Sample Dialog with flow

User: I’m hungry
Alexa: Okay.  How bout an easy breakfast recipe?
User: Yes.
Alexa: Here are some suggested recipe.  Blueberry oatmeal, eggs and bacon or avocado toast with egg. What would you like?
User: I’ll go with avocado toast.
Alexa: Great!  Lets make avocado toast.  Let me know when you’re ready to begin.
User: Ok lets start.
Alexa: Here are the ingredients: 1 slice of bread, 1 avocado, 1 egg, salt and peper.  You can say repeat to hear the ingredients again.  Are you ready to begin?
User: Yes

Reg Hero Chow Time Breakfast Flow

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